Embassy Theatre is proud to announce the production of The Rocky Horror Show as part of our 2019 Season! Directed by Hayden Davis and Sawyer Jenkins. Show dates are June 14th, 15th, 16th, and 21st, 22nd and 23rd; there will also be midnight showings. If you are age 16 or 17, we strongly suggest you bring a parent/guardian to auditions to verify permission. When you walk in, you’ll complete an audition form (if you didn’t print the ones sent with the email), and wait for your turn to audition. 



Now, here’s what will happen at your auditions;

You will wait in the lobby till it’s your turn. Be prepared for :



First, you will learn a dance from a song in the show, then you will go through scales with the music director, then will be asked to sing a 45 to 60 second portion of a song. It can be either acapella or you can use an instrumental track (no guide vocals). And yes, you can sing a song from the show! Finally, you will read lines from the script with the directors.

Here are the following characters you can audition for:
(NOTE: The ages aren’t recommended but we are only accepting actors ages 16 and up.)

FRANK N FURTER (25 – 50)(MALE): A sweet transvestite who’s an evil scientist destined to make a creature!
Vocal Range: Baritone (A2 – A4)

BRAD MAJORS (18 – 30)(MALE): A hero who is destined to marry his fiancee, Janet.
Vocal Range: Between Baritone (A2 – A4) and Tenor (C3 – C5)

JANET WEISS (18 – 30)(FEMALE): A heroine who is destined to marry her fiance, Brad, but is she really?
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (A3 – A5)

RIFF RAFF (25 – 40)(MALE): Frank’s faithful handyman.
Vocal Range: Tenor (C3 – C5)

MAGENTA (25 – 40)(FEMALE): A Domestic; Riff Raff’s sister.
Vocal Range: Between Alto (F3 – F5) and Mezzo-Soprano (A3 – A5)

COLUMBIA (18 – 30)(FEMALE): A Groupie; Frank’s former lover.
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (A3 – A5)

ROCKY (18 – 30)(MALE): Frank’s muscular creature.
Vocal Range: Tenor (C3 – C5)

EDDIE (18 – 30)(MALE): A delivery boy.
Vocal Range: Between Baritone (A2 – A4) and Tenor (C3 – C5)

*DR. SCOTT (40 – 60)(MALE): Frank’s rival-scientist; Eddie’s uncle.
Vocal Range: Between Bass (E2 – E4) and Baritone (A2 – A4)

CRIMINOLOGIST (any age)(any gender): The narrator.
Vocal Range: Any range

*TRIXIE (25 – 40)(FEMALE): The usherette.
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano (A3 – A5)

*TRIXIE will be portrayed by the same person who will be portraying MAGENTA.
*DR. SCOTT might be portrayed by the same person who will be portraying EDDIE.